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瑞克搖 問答 還有迷因
Rickroll GIF and Voice Chat, Q&A and Memes.

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現正支援語音Rickroll! NOW Support VC troll!
滿滿的Rickroll! We provide you all types of Rickroll!
歌詞指龍 Lyrics

只要打出指定歌詞 機器人便會回覆你下一句
This bot can *sing* Never gonna give you up with you as you type specified lyrics and the bot will respond to you.

Rickroll GIF

隨機發送 Rickroll GIF!
This bot will giving random rickroll gif if the user type +rickroll.

語音Rickroll Voice Chat Rickroll

只要加入語音頻道再發送 +play 機器人便能Rickroll你的朋友
Join Voice Chat and type +play and the bot can rickroll your friends.